Class Action Lawsuit Canada

Class Action Lawsuit Canada – Everything You Should Know

“Unity is the Strength” – This applies most to the class action lawsuit Canada. Individuals can be helpless while opposing against large organizations. The rights of the plaintiff may be crushed in pursuit of the profits of the opponent. So, the rights can be realized by creating a large group or class and using the […]

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Workplace Injuries Facts & Causes

Workplace injuries may seem normal, but the consequences are hazardous – especially in industrial environments. Hundreds of thousands of workers are reported to be injured in workplaces annually in Canada. Top causes of workplace injuries include slip and falls, overexertion and bodily reaction, contact with objects, etc. Workplace injuries damage worker’s morale, productivity as well […]

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What are Personal Injury Protection and Its Benefits?

Have you ever heard of a car insurance policy? What most of you are not aware of is that a car insurance policy constitutes a personal injury protection coverage. This policy provides financial assistance which helps coverage of medical expenses and employment loss coverage as well in the event of a car accident despite the […]

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