Contributory Negligence in Personal Injury

Contributory Negligence in Personal Injury: Definition and Examples

Contributory negligence in a personal injury reduces the compensation for the resulting damage. It is the act or omission that can change the whole perception of the case. So it’s worth considering twice before committing foolishness, hoping that no one will find out about him. To understand what Contributory Negligence is, you have to understand […]

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Minor Injury Guideline

What are The Minor Injury Guideline Everyone Must Follow?

Automobile or motor accidents are one of the most common things to happen every day. Injuries can major or minor. However, minor injury guidelines are essential for every citizen as they will get instructions about their next move after getting minor injuries. As a result, many people suffer different injuries, major and minor. It causes […]

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Recorded Conversation Admissible in Court in Canada

Is a Recorded Conversation Admissible in Court in Canada?

Is a recorded conversation admissible in court in Canada? Should we disclose to the other party the fact that we are recording it? What do Canadian consent laws say? There are many situations where one would like to record a secret conversation, whether in person or on the phone. Perhaps you are receiving threats from […]

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