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Tort Claim

Tort Claim: What does it Mean and Why You Need this?

In order to get compensation for your injuries, you may need to pursue a lawsuit. But obtaining adequate settlement is not that easy the way it sounds. To obtain it, you need to follow certain legal ways and procedures. If you fail to follow those legal procedures, you may not be able to obtain them. […]

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Long Term Disability Lawyer

Long Term Disability Lawyer

Usually, when an injury deals with long term treatments is considered as long term disability cases. These disability cases may include brain traumas, paralysis, etc. These cases generally require long term treatment. So the victim needs to go through medical assistance for quite a long time. In order to claim for a long term disability […]

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Recorded Conversation Admissible in Court in Canada

Is a Recorded Conversation Admissible in Court in Canada?

Is a recorded conversation admissible in court in Canada? Should we disclose to the other party the fact that we are recording it? What do Canadian consent laws say? There are many situations where one would like to record a secret conversation, whether in person or on the phone. Perhaps you are receiving threats from […]

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